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Real Wedding: Dimitra & Peter

Real Wedding: Dimitra & Peter

Welcome to Dimitra and Peter's wedding located in the gorgeous island of Sifnos! This Greek island is filled with clear blue beaches, white washed architecture, delicious cuisine, and unique traditions. These are just some of the reasons why Dimitra and Peter decided to have their wedding on this island. Dimitra and Peter are part of a Greek dance group, and both grew up Greek dancing in their local community in New York. They wanted to pay tribute to the island where they were getting married. Here is a look at the wedding that celebrates the island and their love!

Dimitra and Peter loved our existing Bougainvillea invitation design, but wanted to customize the belly band with a nod to the island. The repetitive triangle and sun motifs can be found on the traditional clay pottery of Sifnos. I canโ€™t tell you how excited I get when couples want to incorporate special little Easter eggs into their wedding invitations. It was a beautiful design detail, but more importantly held a special meaning for the couple.

They beautifully incorporated bougainvilleas into their decor, both hanging in the pergola above the guests, but also in the brides bouquet and centerpieces.

To embrace the tradition of the island, they reached out to the former cultural director who has a massive collection of costumes from Sifnos. They pulled a team together to create the most gorgeous photoshoot of these beautiful traditional Sifnian wedding costumes, so that they could showcase not only the islandโ€™s outward beauty to their guests but also its incredible and rich culture!

I love how this couple incorporated the island of Sifnos by honoring their traditions and inviting their loved ones to experience the island as it was meant to!

Photography by George Panountis

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