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We’re so happy you’re here! Any of the designs you see on our website can be customized to fit the needs of your event - whether it be wedding, baptism, or something else! And if you don't find what you're looking for, we can come up with something totally custom. Feel free to read through our FAQs below to get more info, or visit our "Wedding" or "Baby" pages to see examples of our work. Once you're ready, please fill out this form to get in touch!

The Process :


Once you’ve initiated communication, I’ll send over options outlining designs to print methods and everything in between. You make your selections and if you’re not sure about which option is best for you, we can jump on a call!


After you’ve signed the contract and submitted the deposit, I’ll take everything we’ve discussed and start laying out the design. We’ll go back and forth tweaking the design and perfecting each piece until it’s just right! This process may take us up to 3 weeks.


Once you’re sure everything is perfect, you’ll sign off on each and every piece before we go into production.


We’ll create your printing plates and get your invitations into production! This is when they really come alive. This process may take up to 6-8 weeks for letterpress and foil designs.


We’ll carefully package up your invitations and send them on their way to you for you to assemble and send out. We require signature confirmation to ensure you receive them, as so much love and care has gone into creating them for you!


Please keep in touch - we’d love to be a part of your life’s precious moments - now and in the future!

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Invitation FAQ's

All your custom invitation questions, answered.

Your designs are perfect - where do we begin?

Bravo! I can't wait to hear all about your big day. Please fill out our online form so that we may collect all of the important details from you. After that, we'll get back to you with a few questions and present a few more options for you to move forward.

Do you do custom invitations?

Essentially all of our invitations are custom to some degree. For clients who already love one of our existing designs, we can customize them to set the tone for your special day. Pricing for these semi-custom orders includes changing the wording, colors, and fonts. Anything beyond that will require an upgrade to our fully custom invitations.

For clients who want the most unique invitation, I offer custom designs. Choosing to work with me on a custom design allows me to create your design and artwork from scratch, specifically tailored to your style. Here is where we can literally create your heart's desires!

What is letterpress printing exactly, and why is it is so expensive?

Letterpress is a centuries-old printing process in which ink is applied to the surface of a raised image or text area. This plate adheres to our antique printing press using precision and detail to make sure it's perfectly registered. The raised surface is then pressed against paper (which is hand fed into the press) transferring the ink and design, and leaving a slight kiss impression. It feels and looks gorgeous! Letterpress is generally limited to between one and three solid colors, as each piece of paper is hand-fed and printed one at a time, for each color in the design. After each color is applied to the paper, all pieces are trimmed down to their final size. It's a labor of love, and thus a larger investment. It's also an heirloom piece you will cherish forever!

Letterpress is a bit out of our budget. Do you offer other print methods or print-at-home designs?

We do not offer print-at-home invitations, however, we understand that letterpress and foil printing may not be in the budget for everyone. In this case, we offer digitally printed invitations. This is the typical print method you're probably thinking of where ink is placed onto the paper by a digital press. No color limitations here!

How far in advance should we reach out?

We typically require 6-8 weeks for printing and production. Add to that another 4 weeks for the design process, so please consider when you'd like to have the invitations in hand and work your timeline backward from there. In general, we suggest reaching out 4-6 months before your wedding or event.

When should I send out my wedding or event invitations?

We recommend sending out your invitations at least 8 weeks before your event.

How much are your invitations?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing invitations including which design and printing method you choose, quantities ordered, how many pieces you require in your invitations suite, and any other customizations you include such as belly bands, wax seals or address printing. This is why we suggest reaching out directly for a quote.

Do you offer day-of stationery such as signage, escort cards, and programs?

Absolutely! This is something we offer only to our clients who have already booked us for invitations.

Do you print addresses?

Yes! For letterpress and foil invite suites, we can letterpress or foil print your return address on the back flap of the outer envelope and on the front of your response envelope. Or for a more affordable option, we offer a custom rubber stamp with your invitation fonts to coordinate with your suite. We can also digitally print your guests' addresses on the front of your outer envelopes.

Eek! What if I need to order more invites after I've placed my order?

Adding additional invitations to your order will be treated as a new order. It's recommended to add at least 15 extra sets when you calculate your total quantity needed. But don't worry - you can change the quantity ordered up until we go into production. After that, no changes can be made.

Do you provide extra envelopes?

Yes! You will be provided with an extra set of roughly ten envelopes - if you’d like to order more, please let us know!

Can you print a design I've already created or ordered from somewhere else?

No, we only print our own designs.

Can I see your work in person?

The studio is closed to the public, but we do sell samples so you can see the quality of our work in person! Please email with the types of samples you're looking for (baptism, wedding, save the date, etc.) and any colors that you're interested in.

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