Mint Lime Candle


🌿Δυόσμος Λάιμ | Mint Lime 

Greece is known for its herbs and mint grows everywhere there. It's the freshness of summer in a candle!

This candle includes notes of mint, lime, pineapple, jasmine, and rum.

They say that smell is the most powerful trigger of memories. We've brought these memories to life by collaborating with Greek-American brand Everything's Fine Co. to create a collection of candles inspired by summers in Greece, and the unique experiences that make it so magical.


9oz candle

Hand-poured, 100% scented soy wax, produced in small batches with approximately 60 hours of clean burn time free of chemicals or dyes.

Hand-made packaging

*Letterpress printed labels with hand-drawn typography on premium cotton paper by Cartoules Press. 

* Candles are poured in a white enameled container with lid - these vessels are reminiscent of retro Greek village life, and can be reused after to hold coffee and other dry goods, or q-tips and cotton balls!

Matchboxes sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A delight!

This candle smells amazing - it immediately takes me to a happy place!

Pikouf L.
I'm in love!

I just received the candles! I'm in love with them so much !! The mint lime omg - and the
love candle to die for - the Greek sweet shop I will save and burn around Christmas,
thank you thank you thank you - the matches and note were a lovely surprise!