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Kefalonia Relief Efforts

Kefalonia Relief Efforts

Photos by @DazzlingKefalonia

On September 17th 2020, the Greek island of Kefalonia was hit especially hard as a rare Mediterranean hurricane barreled through the island. Trees and power lines were knocked down, and many villages throughout the island have been left without water or power. The villages of Assos and Agia Efimia have been destroyed, leaving cars buried by rubble and its waterfronts unrecognizable. This is our island. We own a family home in Kefalonia and have many family and friends who live on the island. Our history is here, and we want to help this beautiful island find its way back. 

We are donating 100% of the proceeds from all Kefalonia merchandise to Hurricane Relief efforts on the island. Click here to SHOP. Thank you for your support!

Or if you prefer to donate directly, I've listed a few Go Fund Me pages below that are providing assistance throughout the island. Click on the yellow links for more information. Thank you for your support!

Hellenic Aesthetic Kefalonia Map Necklace -

"We have been inspired by the relief funds and volunteers who have sprung into action the last few days, and would like to offer our help by donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each of our Kefalonia Map Necklaces to their efforts through the end of 2020."

Greece Media -

"Greece Media will be donating 100% of proceeds from our Asos photo sale to help the recovery process... Another way to help is to click on the yellow donate button to make a donation."

Kefalonia Relief 2020 -

"We are raising money for the people of Kefalonia. We would like to purchase food, water, and essential supplies for them.  Any and all  donations are greatly appreciated!"

Kefalonia, Island for Everyone -

"The Movement "Kefalonia, island for everyone", raises money to support the affected areas. The money raised will be used for the relief of people who have lost their homes, for voluntary actions in the area and for any other necessary action deemed, in cooperation with the authorities and the local government."

Ianos Relief Fund -

"This is an Emergency Relief Fund to enable the supply of food, water, and emergency supplies to those affected the most. All money raised will be used to buy such emergency supplies."

Cyclone Kefalonia 2020 Go Fund Me -

This page is collecting donations for immediate relief efforts around the island.

"The monies donated will be shared between the animal rescue centres known as Kefalonia Animal Trust (KAT) and Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK) to help them provide food and medical help to the strays on the island that have been affected by the Medicane, and the Kefalonia Volunteer Group,  headed by the very well respected and Kefalonian business owner, Kostas Vitor,  who runs Kefalonian Wild Nature Expeditions. The donated monies will be sent securely via online bank transfer, allowing them immediate access to the funds.  

Kostas and his team are currently providing fresh water, food, clothing, man power and tools to clear debris from roads, homes and businesses, solar powered batteries, plus medical assistance and food for the animals they encounter that have been affected by the disaster.  The donation will provide them with the financial assistance they require to purchase the above and reach those in need across the island via all terrain vehicles."

Help for Assos Go Fund Me -

This page is to help rebuild the picturesque village of Assos specifically, which was especially hit hard by the hurricane. There is only one road into and out of the village, and the villagers are currently stranded with no food, power or water.

"On Thursday 17th September 2020, our beautiful Assos was devastated by Medicane Ianos that hit the Ionian Islands of Greece. Assos is one of the villages in Kefallonia that got hit the hardest.

Damages caused by the hurricane are catastrophic and we estimate it will cost at least €50,000 to clear the streets from the rubble, rebuild the pier, the beach and the square, get the power lines and water running again and of course food supplies to the people in the village that are suffering now.

Assos needs this help now. Help rebuild our beautiful Assos as we know it."

Rebuild Odysseas Taverna, Agia Jerusalem Beach Go Fund Me -

This page is to help rebuild an amazing family-owned taverna which was located on the Agia Jerusalem beach. I visited them with my family back in 2018 and they were so kind and hospitable. It would be great to help them rebuild.

"This is the devastation left after the Mediterranean hurricane that hit Kefalonia on Thursday 17th September. This is Agia Jerusalem Beach where my Brother in Law’s family taverna is. I know we are all fighting a major pandemic at the moment, but when you rely on the tourist trade and your season has been cut short and you have only 2 and half months to generate a normal 7 months trade to see you throughout the year (not just you but your staff and other families) this is something else! Odysseas Taverna has been decimated by the sea and land slides, we are heartbroken as it is the most beautiful place and Odi’s family are the most welcoming, amazing, hardworking and hospitable people I know. This is just something to help them get back on their feet so they can rebuild the taverna, so we can all go back to the place we love."

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