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Real Wedding: Eugenia & Argeri

Real Wedding: Eugenia & Argeri

Today two very special people in my life share a birthday (same day, same year!) My sister Eugenia and her husband Argeri - so to put the spotlight on them, I decided to share their 2017 wedding in Kefalonia, Greece. Three years ago I didn't have this blog (and my old blogger account had been defunct for years). I posted to Instagram sporadically, and have shared their invitation suite, but never their full wedding. So without further delay, this is the "Real Wedding" of Eugenia & Argeri.

This bilingual branches invitation was very fitting for Eugenia and Argeri’s wedding because it took place on the island of Kefalonia, Greece, where our father is from. Rather than go for the traditional colors of blue and white that you might expect, the couple wanted a country chic feel. The island’s turquoise beaches and unsullied, mountainous landscape inspired the color palette and theme.

The ceremony took place in a traditional Greek church that was decorated with antique wooden tables and hand-embroidered tablecloths, from Argeri's family. So, the first impression for the guests needed to hint at traditions that would be part of the ceremony, but also a level of sophistication.

We brought in two different shades of blue, which reflect the sky and sea, but also coral to give hint to the sand and colors of the island’s wild flowers. We also incorporated these shades of blue in both outer and response envelopes. Because their guest list was split 50/50 between Greeks and Americans, it was super important to them that all the elements were written in both Greek and Engish.

The couple wanted to ensure that their guests, who traveled to this remote island, many of who took two to three flights to get there, felt their gratitude through filoxenia, a characteristically Greek kind of hospitality. As such, outlining these details in the invitation was very important.

It was also the best wedding I've ever been to thus far. Happy birthday Eugenia and Argeri! We love you!

Photos by Adrian Wood

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