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Real Baptism: Baby Mihali

Real Baptism: Baby Mihali

Greek cuisine is flavored with an abundance of herbs. From mint and dill to basil and oregano, every dish is seasoned with the freshest ingredients, all of which can be easily found growing wild in the Greek countryside. We wanted to incorporate Greek herbs as the theme in baby Mihali's baptism - giving it a village chic vibe. Guests also took home a small pot of Greek basil, grown by the baby's grandfather, with seeds from his village in Greece.

We had fun experimenting with print methods for this invitation, including rose gold foil for the names, and a mix of letterpress and digital printing for the herbs. This allowed us to include more colors and textures throughout the invitation. We also added a pop of herbs to the envelope liner as well.

We love how the invitation inspired the rest of the decor including the balloons, centerpieces, and party favors!

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